Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MZ Assistant for Linux/MacOS/Windows

Tell us about the MZ Assistant multi-platform version for soccer...
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MZ Assistant for Windows

This is the MZ Assistant website.
In it you will find lots of information about this awesome app that I personally programmed for the ManagerZone community.

MZ Assistant is a free software (only for Android is paid) and it provides you with tons of useful information about your Soccer - Hockey Team that it collects using the official MZ tools web services.

The information is consolidated for quick and easy access, and it's organized in a user-friendly interface.

For instance, you can consult information about: Player Details, Leagues, Matches, Standings, Tactics, Trainings, Opponents Analysis, etc.

More than 47,000 downloads since its first version...

MZ Assistant for Android

Finally this month I published MZ Assistant for Android OS 2.1 or higher.

After a few months testing this new technology the first version of the program is ready which can be downloaded from the Android Market.

In the www.mzassistant.com.ar you can find application's details and images.

Application features:
* Players (Maxes / Training)
* Matches (Results / Details / Tactic Image)
* Leagues (Standings and Fixture)
* Transfers

I hope you like it and enjoy it.

Android applications published

A free version is available but with any functions restrictions.

Comments are welcome.